F1 Mexico Grand Prix | Challenge


The results demonstrated that the users thought that access to the circuit was difficult because of traffic congestion and that there were poor parking facilities. For the 2016 project, our client asked us the following question:

How can we improve access to the F1 Mexico Gran Prix Circuit and discover more data concerning the visitors to the event?

F1 Mexico Grand Prix | Methodology


We decided to run a Design Sprint process to identify the best way to build the mobile app for 2016 event, with a focus on access, mobility and data generation.

In our research process, we identified 4 types of spectator visiting the circuit: the speed lover, the race… te,,,, te, and with these profiles we developed specialized content for each type. Under the pretext of providing information on how to get to the circuit and the stands, and of gathering personal information, we were able to generate data about the spectators. The users of the app needed to register their ticket information and, with this information, we were able to profile the circuit. When the users registered their ticket, they could check the best way to get to the circuit and their seats, using different options such as the metro, buses, taxis and Uber. The app provided Uber API integration, through which the users got the right to a special price and the drivers checked the best way to take the users to the circuit.

With this data, our client could implement in real time marketing activation in the various zones of the circuit and with specific segmentation.

F1 Mexico Grand Prix | Acknowledgement


This work was recognized by the silver award from *a Diseño!* in 2016.

El diseño de productos es exitoso cuando soluciona el problema o necesidad de nuestros usuarios en la mejor forma posible.

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